3D Property Tour & 3D Video Fly Through Examples

3D Property Tours & Video Fly Through Tours

Here at Vista360, our main service is to film & create Interactive – 3D – 360 Degree HD Walk/Fly Through Tours for Properties & many other spaces.

With the 3D Video Fly Through Tours –  3D Interactive Property Tours – The Dollhouse View…It’s like being at the property live!

Our 2 types of 3D Tours Explained

3D Video Fly Through Tours
These tours are very popular & look very classy – they show the property in 3D Tour mode as a 3D Video Fly Through of the property , as well as a 3D overhead Floor Plan view.

3D Interactive Property Tours
Walk through the property at your on pace, as if you were there live. Take a look around and get a real feel for the property and it’s spaces. This is a unique type of property tour that people are continually impressed with.


Engages More Buyers – Delights Your Vendors

Aerial Drone Video & Photography

We also specialise in Professional Aerial Drone Videos and Photography. Drones enable us to shoot fantastic footage in HD for our clients.

The results are much better than still shots, and more importantly, they engage buyers and enhance the Properties appearance.

We use experienced and certified professionals to make sure every Property looks its best.

Combine the Drone service with our 3D Interactive Indoor Tours, plus a Floor Plan, and you have a Property Marketing Package that many will envy.

All of our Drone filming is conducted by experienced and licensed operators.

3D Tours

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Video Marketing

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Property Photos

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Floor Plans

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Mobile Device Friendly

The 3D Interactive Walk Through’s and 3D Fly Through Videos are fantastic to view on all mobile devices, as well as Desktop PC’s & Laptops.
We find that people are especially impressed with this technology when using a tablet to view our services.
It gives you the ‘wow’ factor on all devices.

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Easy To Use

The 3D Tour and Video Fly Through service is very easy for anyone to use, it’s like being inside the home live.
You virtually walk through the home & see the complete property as if you were walking through it live. It really is that simple and easy.
It is fantastic new technology, that is now available & affordable.

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Win More Business

For Real Estate Agents, offering our services just blows your Listing competition out of the water.
Our service will help you Engage More Buyers & Delight More Sellers.
If you have a Property or Space to rent, hire or sell, our use of technology puts you steps ahead of your competitors.

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3D - 360 Degree & Interactive

Our 3D Walk Through and 3D Video Fly Through Tours are the future of Real Estate and Space for rent, or sale. From Homes, Function Centres, Restaurants, Commercial Spaces, Yachts, Hotel Rooms, Galleries and much much more…
Vista360 will help you win more business & engage more clients.

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About the Technology & Us

About The Technology

We use the very latest technology, infact, there are only a handful of these cameras in Australia. The technology, hardware & software associated with being able to film in HD, 3D, 360 Degree and then create an Interactive Walk Through Tour that’s very unique.

As the camera gently spins, it captures the colours and contours of a space and calculates dimensions and spatial relationships between objects. Other laser-based camera systems are cumbersome, very expensive, and take days to create a 3D model.

We are usually finished on location within 90-120 minutes, and have a quality 3D, HD Interactive Walk Through Tour ready for you, and your clients the next day.

We also have an Aerial Drone Filming Service available to bring you high quality filming and photography of the Property’s outdoor spaces from the unique view only a Drone can produce.

Combine the Aerial Drone Service with our 3D Interactive Tours and our Floor Maps, and you have Property Marketing material that will set your Property or Space apart from anything else on the market.

About Us

Vista360 is a Sydney based company that films and creates 3D, 360 Degree High Definition Interactive Walk Through Tours, Aerial Drone Filming and Photography, along with Floor Plans.

It is a bit of a mouthful, but the 3D Immersive Interactive Technology is quite new and was created from software used for Movies and Video Gaming.

Our Management Team has over 40 years experience in the IT, Real Estate and Client Services industries. So we are well placed to deliver a service that will help put you one step (or 4) ahead of your competitors.

Although our service best fits helping Real Estate Agents win listings, sell properties and delight vendors…we are discovering many more industries that our services are becoming very popular in.

If you think one, or all of our services could help you, please get in touch with us directly on 0403 456 360.

Aerial Drone Filming

Channel 7 loved the technology

Photography Examples:


  • Antony

    Antony & Mae

    I think we were attracted to the property when we saw the drone view, then we used the 3D tour and we just fell in love with it. So we bought it 2 days later.

  • Lim

    Huan L

    Very useful 3d tour, helped us buy a house without even going to the property. Best real estate service, much better than pictures and video.

  • Natalie & Dave

    Natalie J

    This 3D tour stuff, is just 'wow'. We actually fell in love with the property before we even went to the open for inspection. Then I went home and spent about an hour working out where our furniture would go! Very cool technology guys.

  • Eddie

    Eddie P

    Best new service we have seen in the real estate industry in ages. Very helpful, the 3D tour let us attend the open home and ask all the right questions when we got there. Linda, came home and was able to use the 3D tour to start planning where, if and how our furniture would fit. Great service guys! And yes, we made an offer the next day and bought the house.

Vista360 FAQ's

Can the Interactive Tours be loaded onto our (your) Website, RealEstate.com.au, Domain.com.au etc?

Yes, your 3D Tour is available to be used as a link, a button on your listing page, or simply by embedding it straight into any page. It’s as simple as uploading pictures or videos. And it is live and ready to use and view immediately.

How quickly will we receive the 3D Tour?

With most properties, it is the day after we have completed filming, so within 24 hours. Unless, it is a very large space, then maybe 48 hours.

How long does it take you to film the Property?

Most homes are completed in 60-90 minutes. It all depends on the size of the space.

Why does the Drone Filming have a 2 hour minimum charge?

It takes approximately an hour onsite to gather the film and photos we require. Then another hour back in the studio editing and creating the video and photos.

How accurate are your Floor Plans?

They are created from the 3D Filming and are accurate to with 10mm. Which is very high quality compared to the rest of the market.

How do we Book you to film a Property?

By using the Book Us button on the website, or by calling Rob on 0402 525 575.

Will I own the 3D Tour of the Property?

Yes, you own it for life. It can be used as many times as you like. And the quality stays as good as it is on day one.

How do we pay for the 3D Tour?

An invoice will be sent out, that is to be paid within 7 days please.

What is the technology you use to create this 3D Tour?

Without getting too technical, the camera was developed from software and technology used in Movie’s and Gaming. It is a very expensive and complicated piece of kit, as is the software and expertise that is required to build your 3D Tour with. Each Property takes further 2-3 hours work back in the studio to complete, once the filming is done.

Do we need to do anything special to prepare the Property before filming?

Not really, just prepare it as you would for a photographer. Remember, with this type of filming, less is best, so de clutter as much as you can. And, all pets need to be outside during filming.

Why do you only film the inside of the Property?

In some cases, we do capture quite a bit of the outside areas via windows and open areas. As the camera uses beams to gather information, it typically needs a solid object to bounce off. But we are finding new techniques all the time to improve what the camera can film.

The space we want filmed is quite large, or a little different in shape, how long with this take, and how much will this cost?

We love filming larger or different types of spaces, so Please Call 0478 50 57 57 and we can discuss a Quick Quote and time line for you.

What's the difference between a 3D Interactive Tour and a 3D Video Fly Through Tour?

The 3D Video Fly Through Tour uses the 3D Interactive Tour and creates a Video Fly Through of the Property. You also get to view the property in 3D Floor Plan mode as well, it’s our most popular tour.

Vista Packages

The Vista View


Units & Small Homes

  • 1 Level
  • Includes 15 Photos
  • Add $300 for the 3D Video Fly Through
  • Add $150 for Floor Plans
  • Drone Photography @ $135 per hour
  • Approximately 60 Minute Onsite Film Time
  • Completed Tour available within 24 hours
  • All Upload Links included
  • Mobile Device Compatible

The Vista Touch


Medium Sized Homes

  • 1/2 Levels
  • Includes 15 Photos
  • Add $325 for the 3D Video Fly Through
  • Add $150 for Floor Plans
  • Drone Photography $135 per hour
  • Approximately 90-120 Minute Onsite Film Time
  • Completed Tour available within 24 hours
  • All Upload Links included
  • Mobile Device Compatible

The Vista Experience


Large Homes

  • 1/2 Levels
  • Includes 15 Photos
  • Add $350 for the 3D Video Fly Through
  • Add $150 for Floor Plans
  • Drone Photography $135 per hour
  • Approximately 120 Minute Onsite Film Time
  • Completed Tour available within 24-48 hours
  • All Upload Links included
  • Mobile Device Compatible

Panoramic Vistas


Creative Spaces

  • Uniques & Commercial
  • Interiors Makeovers
  • Custom 3D Video Fly Through Tours available
  • Includes 15 Photos
  • Add $200 for Floor Plans
  • Drone Filming $135 per hour
  • Varied Onsite Film Time
  • Completed Tour available within 24-48 hours
  • All Upload Links included
  • Mobile Device Compatible

Contact us


 0403 456 360 | admin@vista360.com.au

@vista_360 |  facebook.com/vista360au